Monday, 16 September 2013

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Why Laser Tag gaming is catching up quickly in India

Laser Tag is a very popular gaming activity outside India for more than 15 years and for some reason it did not come to India at all over the years. But very quickly this has now become a very happening group activity, fun experience, team building, workout activity and gaming experience people are enjoying. We were wondering what are the reasons and here are some of the possible ones

  • Limited physical activity options: With urbanization, space crunch etc, the options available to kids for sports, playing in a park or playground have significantly reduced. This is leading to kids watching more of TV and video gaming. Laser Tag is like a video game where the player needs to actually run around rather than just moving video joysticks. Children and Parents look for avenues where kids enjoy doing physical activity. Laser Tag game is a great option.
  • Group Fun: The fun multiplies in a group. Laser tag game is played in only in groups where you can play various types of game configurations.
  • Adrenaline Rush: Laser Tag is a fast paced game where your mission is to kill other players and avoid getting killed. It involves your full participation and attention which gives you a great sense of competition and finally achievement.
  • Team Bonding: Laser Tag involves planning and executing as a group. The winning team is generally the one which does both and therefore it is a great activity to be done as a team outing or project party.
  • Better Birthday Bashes: Birthday parties need to be different and exciting. Celebrating Birthday at a Laser Tag Arena playing laser tag gaming as part of your party is a treat your guests would remember.
  • Workout activity: It is a gaming activity for all ages. As you get involved in the game you only realize how much calories you have burnt in the game when you come out of the arena many times sweating.
  • Quick Fun: Complete Laser Tag gaming experience is no more than 30 minutes and is available at easily drive able locations within the city. Short to fit in easily in a fast paced schedule. So much that many corporate lunch parties have started including laser tag game with the lunch. So first get hungry and then enjoy the lunch.